… was an era that existed approximately 25-30,000 years ago. ATLANTIS was a legendary continent that ultimately submerged in the floods, as humanity chose the reign of darkness. We still feel the consequences of this today.

However, it was also the last peak time of our spiritual worlds. Spiritual consciousness and power were exceptionally & highly developed. Then a period of individualization of the beings started as the connection to the divine began to withdraw. The result was an alignment with the EGO and the personal power of each being. The time of darkness and downfall began.

Many who are incarnated today have experienced these times and have come to free their Atlantean heritage and remember their spiritual powers. A new peak time – the Golden Age – is developing on Earth. It brings much grace and new levels of healing with it.


ÔÇô what can you look forward to?

In the Atlantis seminar, you will free yourself in the first block and in four wonderfully intensive days, from many burdens that you have been carrying within yourself for many lifetimes.

You will be deeply touched and will release many distortions that you have unconsciously been living with, which block your system and therefore repeatedly hinder your own life flow.

It is your path to wholeness, where you complete the old and make peace with the past. Joy that is trapped within your system can rise again and become part of your creative power.

Where you have bound yourself to darkness, freedom can arise and old energies can be pacified and returned to their origin. This is powerful.

Since the transformation is so profound, I have decided to offer the seminar in 2 blocks.

Between the blocks, there is a roughly 8-12 week integration period in which I will provide integration support for you as a group.

In the second block, you will receive your 5 individual Golden Tools, which are energetic tools that will help you and your clients in everyday life to keep the energy flowing continuously. You will also receive initiations into the 5 Avatar Being Spaces. These are spaces that you can also open for yourself and others to provide transformation and alignment.

1. Block: Bye-Bye Atlantis
Make peace with the past.

1. Day

On the first day, we begin with a regression into the darkest time of Atlantis and release your trauma from its downfall.

Together with Archangel Michael, I retrieve fragmented soul parts of you and integrate them back into your chakras.

Traumatized cellular levels and old thought patterns are cleared, and the space that has been freed up is filled with your true self.

It’s a day that brings a lot of relief.

2. Day

On the second day, I will cleanse your DNA of foreign energies that you have been connected to since Atlantis.

You will experience deep healing of your individual divinity.

The second day is intended to redeem your Atlantean karma.

The day concludes with a ceremony in which Sai Baba cleanses the traces you have left behind for you and paves the way for you to enter the Golden Age.

3. Day

During the third day, we will travel to your most powerful incarnation in Atlantis. Memories of old initiations and training will become alive again, reminding you of your special soul path and the abilities you have already acquired.

This day is intended for you to reclaim your power in love and for the benefit of all beings.

4. Day

The 4th day is dedicated to integrating lost potentials from Atlantis. We work closely with the 5 seminar assistants who are very present on this day, offering their love and energy.

On this day, you will experience what it’s like to be a human as well as a divine tool at the same time.

At the end of the day, I will place your lost power from Atlantis back into your Solar Plexus.

Additionally, you will receive three powerful aura symbols that will help you carry this new power.

Content of the 4 seminar days of the 1st block.

Next dates for the 1st Block: Bye-Bye Atlantis

The Atlantis seminar takes place both live in Germany or abroad and online via Zoom.

Both formats are equally powerful and effective in their transformation.

1. Block – Online via Zoom

1. Block – Live

Continuation 2nd Block.
2nd Block: Welcome Golden Age – Integrate your potentials into your life.

5. Day

On the 5th day, we immerse ourselves in the energy of the Golden Age.

The day starts with delving into your own vision of the Golden Age and further healing an incarnation path that is still blocking the manifestation of your vision.

Afterwards, each of the 5 spiritual helpers of the seminar will give you your handcrafted GOLDEN TOOLS.

These highly vibrating and powerful light tools are precisely tailored to your qualities and potentials. They are unique, as only you can wield them. When using them, you use your own energy and experience how powerful you are.

6. Day

On the 6th day, we work together all day with the new Golden Tools.

In the mutual application, you will experience the power and healing power of your tools and dive deep into your own power. You heal each other with your own powerful love.

The 5 spiritual helpers are very clearly available to you with their energy and help.

A very merciful day in which you will gain many new insights about yourself.

7. Day

On the 7th day, we immerse ourselves in the energy of the future and the already fully manifested Golden Age.

Because your soul already receives information from the future and your energy bodies as well, you are nourished and strengthened in the here and now.

The afternoon ends with a grand and gracious finale.

Next dates for the 2nd Block: Welcome Golden Age.

The Atlantis seminar takes place both live in Essen and online via Zoom.
Both formats are equally powerful and effective in their transformation.

2. Block –
Online via Zoom

2. Block –

About me

I was born in 1973 and grew up in Germany.

In 2009, I received initiation as a spiritual teacher and have been leading my own seminars since then. After receiving my master initiation in 2016, a strong desire arose in me to bring my own personal quality fully to the earth. This led me to ask my teacher about creating my own seminar, and Agni and Durga read the Akashic Records for me about the Atlantis seminar in 2017.

Receiving my core competency „Resurrection of Joy – Peace Within You“ in April 2020 and the initiation into the feminine creative light of the Golden Age has taken my Atlantis work to a whole new level. It is now easier than ever to make peace with the past and take the step into the Golden Age.

Der Erhalt meiner Kernkompetenz ÔÇ×Auferstehung der Freude ÔÇô Frieden in DirÔÇť im April 2020 und die Initiation in das weibliche Sch├Âpfungslicht des Goldenen Zeitalters hat meine Atlantis Arbeit nochmals in eine ganz neue  Ebene gehoben. Es ist nun so leicht, wie niemals zuvor, die Vergangenheit zu befrieden und den Schritt ins Goldene Zeitalter zu gehen.



I am very happy to welcome you to the next seminar live or online via Zoom!

You can find the dates for the 1st block – Bye-Bye Atlantis above.

You can find the dates for the 2nd block – Welcome Golden Age above.

The two blocks cannot be booked independently from each other. Between the two blocks there will be meetings as a group to support you to integrate the energy shift into your daily life.

The seminar spots are limited to ensure optimal outcome.

The seminar daily times are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. A two hour lunch break is included.

The seminar costs 5,500 EUR. The payment may be split in two equally parts of 2,750 EUR.

With the registration, a deposit of 750 EUR per block is due to reserve your place in the seminar.

The remaining amount is due one week before the start of the seminar.

If you would like to participate in the seminar, simply click on the respective dates to access the registration form.

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